Watercolor & 7×10 Cotton Paper

Compelling works of art regardless of medium, allow one to return to them again and again without diminished enjoyment. Another point of pleasure is in the ability to find new things in a previously enjoyed work.

In painting, especially the representation of flesh, this opportunity is ever present.
I get pleasure from portraying not just volume and mass, but also creating a sense of depth on what started out as a blank white square.

While I could accomplish similar feats in representing say a piece of fruit, skin allows to for the suggestion of heat as in a blush, motion as in composition of limbs and what is hinted at in the purple-blue of veins.
For the viewer to come away with any sense of this after looking at my work is the greatest achievement for me.






Witold Lutosławski

Watercolor & Paper 5.5×8.520180304_144412

Music is my main source of inspiration. I do not limit myself in regards to what I listen to. There are some definite favorites but I am constantly exploring, pulling new things towards myself.

There is the desire to always be evolving as an artist, I want my voice to be recognizable but I do not want mere mannerisms. Aside from challenging myself in what & how I work, expanding what I listen to is another part of my method. I do not embrace something only to down the line drop it for something newer to me but rather use favorites as navigational points into where else to explore.

Stravinsky has led me to Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994). I instantly enjoyed everything i heard by him. Like some of my other favorite composers, it is not something I can put on at just any time but when I do put it on it deeply resonates with me.

When I do a portrait of a musician or composer, it is interesting to consider if, someone viewing the piece not familiar w/the subject would see it in a different way than someone who knows their work.


End of Night scrap paper work

Very end of night, quick sketch on the back of grocery list (5×4) using waitress pen. I mix my subject matter as i never want w/my work to become the “. . .” guy.


For any artist, the actual work is a souvenir of the inspiration & process. The true joy & battle lay within that, with the tangible result akin to the ripple  radiating outwards.



The Perch

Watercolor  Paper 5.5×8.5


Every time I return to Paris I find something new to treasure. To just walk the now familiar streets or look out at night over the rooftops while Zoot Sims plays is a pleasure I never tire of.


This is view of Left Bank I haunt. 34963289155_c98e846dc2_o

Candy Wax Lips

watercolor & paper 9×12

I think some of the best work, regardless of medium allows for one to repeatedly go back to it and find new things within. With that in mind, in this piece I utilized my preferred delicacy of detail while also incorporating a solidness of the body. I show the contrast in aspects of the subject in this piece by combining her sense of playfulness with an aesthetic eros. The actual candy wax lips were grabbed on the way to the session by me in a moment of whimsical improvisation.


wax Candy Lips


Watercolor & Paper 5.5×8.5

I found different aspects of Lina’s personality all showing at the same time upon her face. It allowed for an organically occurring sense of playfulness & beauty. Everything about her is natural without ever any sense of intentionally trying to make something happen visually/aesthetically. The best portraits offer up something that is real even if only for the moment caught in the work, with this piece I find it a success.

The dimensions of the piece I chose as a way to allow art to be enjoyed by someone who does not necessarily have a large living/working space. The modest size also allows for easy moving from one spot to another. As much as some of my favorite paintings are large, it can be a worrying commitment to someone just starting their collection or developing their aesthetic taste. My smaller pieces allow for an easier cohabitation than might occur with a large scale work.




watercolor & Paper 5.5×8.5

I want a voice but never only a style. To prevent myself from ever lapsing into mere mannerism and foster my desire for always evolving I mix things up.

There is nothing wrong with having preferred equipment and a place to work but unless one plans on never leaving home/studio it can stymie being able to work or do work as powerful as when utilizing the ideal.

To side step the issue every few days I use different type of pencil, from the best to junk and same with paper.

With painting I change the size and type of paper from piece to piece.

With this piece I wanted emotion without allowing a face to convey it and on smaller paper. scarf