Making Movies

For my own amusement, when on the road I sometimes make odd little films. They are low tech affairs not usually longer than a minute or two in length.

I am lucky in that i have a small group of people who, year after year indulge me by being in them. Not something I would necessarily do were the shoe on the other foot.

As lighthearted as this activity is , I do sometimes find myself making serious art inspired from material from the films.

One of the reasons I get such satisfying results from doing my serious work based off things connected to my movies are the organics.

Few people look good formally posing. More often than not they will be either wooden or artificial when posing.

The movies are strange, often done while out having drinks and so bizarre faces are made, odd voices utilized, this Artaud like outrageousness when captured in a static work actually makes for a more natural feel & look.


Portrait: Watercolor & French Cotton Paper 7×10

Drawings: Pencil & paper 9×12





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